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South Carolina?

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Anyone know of a good riding place in South Carolina?
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Good Question

Hey man im from florence i just got a Z about 2 weeks ago. I dont know of any places to ride but some of my friends have been tellin me about some tracks and trails. Where are u from. maybe we can get together and ride when i find out where these places are.
Im in fort mill (near rock hill, and charlotte) there is one place ive heard of called tnt motorsports park ( but from the look of there site, the trails are geared more towards dirt bikes, when i get my Z (probably within a couple weeks) i will probably go check it out, but other than that, nowhere ive heard of

Thats cool man. a bunch of my friends go to school in rock hill and ive been lookin for an excuse to go up there and visit so now i have one. i get to go shred some tracks and trails and hang out with some of my friends.
its in clover

oh, well, tnt motorsports is actually in Clover (about 30mins away)
im in north carolina just north of charlotte......places in NC called uwharrie national forest that has serveral mountains of nothing but trails and jumps.......we also have brown mountain.......blowing rock.........many places in west virginia
I also live near Fort Mill. I've been to TNT park, and your right it is geared more for dirt bikes. I ride the Uhwarrie trails often. They're awesome..
Next Weekend

Any SC riders up for a ride next weekend? Just coming back into town and looking to ride some of my homeland terrain. PM me and lemme know!
i still dont have a z lol, all this lookin-back is depressing :p but i just went to dealer again and looked @ a used 400ex, and on a z i saw a tag that said u get a free TNT motorsports membership when u buy a quad, pretty cool, too bad it will be another 18 years lol
where to ride

I've been to TNT motorsorts park and there's a place in Whitmire, SC also....both places wre very muddy the last time I went.....Tnt would is probably the better of the 2 because they have an atv track by itself....trails at both of these parks are hard to maneuver on the z because of the low swingarm....deep ruts throughout both
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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