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South Jersey

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Any body here from South Jersey?
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im in north jersey, thats pretty close. morris county to be exact.

I'm also in North Jersey.
well lets go North Jersey, its time to go riding!
give me a little bit. i just moved out here and the quad is on its way out here. BTW, I am in randlolph. I lived here 13 years before i moved out to AZ. 1 year out here and hated it. going back.

hold on, that came out wierd, 1 year out there, hated it, and now i am back. ok, thats sounds better.

what did you hate about it? I love AZ, i go to Phoenix at least 4 times a year.

now that i wrote that i think that it is really just a nice place to visit
VISIT. it is a great vacation pace, in fact, we are closing on a vacation house out here, but i dont like living here. everything has to be bigger and better. everyone has a freakin shotgun in thier backseat, and there is a sh*t load of hicks. not 4 me. i like NJ way more.

dangit, i keep thinkin i am still in AZ. o well, you get the point.

I live in Northern NJ too. Bergen county to be exact.
i live in hammonton new jersey (atlantic county) a town with cops that all go riding with me on weekends and the other ones are all too stupid to know what is going on! haha
yeah arizona is nice to visit, but sucks for living there, well sucked for me for only 2 months!
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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