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Steering Dampner

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I installed a Speed Steering Dampner today from Magic Racing. I used the same style dampner on my EX for years with great success. I raced this past weekend in New York, and I wished the whole two hours I had a dampner. I ended up 4th out of 71 riders with my Z for its First Race Ever, and the competition wasn't shabby, Chris Borich (Pro #5) Won the Race. I will be trying out the dampner in PA this weekend and I will post how well it does.

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I am also looking for a damper and I haven't been able to find a good one yet. Do they have a website? How much did it cost? Was it hard to install, did you have to make any modifications to it like the Denton one? Sorry about the questions, I had one on my Polaris and I loved it but it was very easy to install with instructions from HPD but they don't make one for anything but Polaris. is their website. The dampner cost $159.00. It was easy to install for the most part, but I did have one problem. The bracket that attaches to the steering stem has a Arm off it to attach to the Dampner Shaft. The Arm was too long by about a 1/8" which caused the shaft to travel about a 1/4" beyond what it is supposed too. I easily fixed my by using my EX bracket, but I spoke with Mike at Magic Racing and he said that no one else has had that problem. He was happy to work with me and send me a new bracket. I could have just drilled a new hole in the bracket and it would have worked.

Also, makes a dampner that seems to be great. I like the way it mounts better. Also, it has variable valving to adjust the dampning at different positions in the steering. It are more expensive at $359.00.
Do you know if yours is rebuildable? Does it have adjustability? Yours looks like the Denton Racing alloy unit. Do you know how they compare? After this weekend I am going to invest in one. I hate sore wrists from ruts!
It is competely rebuildable. I have replaced the parts on the 400Ex one, and they have always had the parts in stock.

Also, it has 7 adjustments and I run mine on 4. I have never had a denton. It noticed a big difference in the handling after a race with and without.
I got a Denton off of Jeremiah Jones. He said the cheaper [ black] one was better than the rebuildable one. I put it on just like the SPEED.
ATV Sport had a test of a bunch of steering dampeners for a 400ex. It was the one w/ the Z400, ZESTY. Those should work on the Z, and they say the stick-type like the magic racing one rn't as good as the other. (I'll figure out what they're caled in a bit) But they're not much different from each other anyway.

What kinds of differences do you notice with a dampener?
It will keep the bars from snapping out of your hands when you hit a big rock or rut. The quad will feel more stable at high speed. All racers run them. If you try one, you will never go without one again.
All XC racers use them, not motocross unless the track is extremely rough. ACDC is right, it prevents the bars from jerking when u hit square edges and stuff, good buy for trail riders.

Thanks....time to go shopping
It makes a big difference on the track too. After putting on my Denton, I will never ride without one.
zero 400, Jeremiah Jones uses 2 of them at every MX race and 1 on TT.
Sweet, then they'll help everywhere, i wish i could get one :( But i need other stuff first.

I got a Denton from my dad for my b-day :D
Wow after test fitting the damper I see why everybody is unhappy with the recommended mounting location. Im not wild about the other possibilities either I think I might exchange it for something else maybe some nerf bars and stuff. :(
I would keep it if I were you. It will create less fatigue and keep your quad under control better. I had it worse off mounting because my reserviors mount right where the stabilizer is supposed to mount. Luckily the steel braided lines had enough give to move a little and mount over the clamp. I followed their directions and it was so awkward that I took it apart and did it by eye and by feel. Then it mounted up just fine and cleared my plastic. They didn't have a clamp for my oversized stem so I had to ream it out for a while until it would work. Pain in the as$ to install, but the results are worth it.
Speed Steering Dampner

ZRacer, Just wanted to thank you for your post about the Speed steering dampner. I wanted one and did not know which one to get or how hard it would be to install. I did not want to get one and have to pay my mechanoc to install it. Your post helped me decide. I just installed mine all by myself. :D If any of you guys are looking for a dampner the Speed dampner from magic racing looks great, works great and is easy to install.

My DENTON mounted just like the speed.
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