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Stock Jets for use with K&N Filter???

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I just got off of the phone with alba, where i bought my filter, and the guy there said use stock jetting with the filter. does this make sense? if it does why does everyone else say that alba recommended a 152.5 jet with the filter.

help me.
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I think thats only if u don't take off the airbox snorkel and stuff.

Right, only if you pull thei lid and snorkle.

The filter does not really flow any more than stock.
did you take the airbox out of the bike to install the adaptor?
this is such a pain.

so when i get the yosh slip on, im going to keep the lid and snorkle. i should run 145 jet right?
I want everyone to remember this!! U can't always listen to what people tell u to jet cuz u never know if its correct, do u really want to risk ur engine cuz u didn't jet it right? Use this to help u with jetting No flame intended here.

so now im even more confused, i just got off of the phone with yosh and they are recommending a 125 main jet for a slip on with no airbox mod.

If u have to listen to any company i would listen to Yoshi cuz thats the pipe ur going to get. I hope they know more about their than ALba does.

Why would you go down in size on the jet if you add a pipe (125).
The stock size is 130. I am installing a 152.2 with my yoshi slip on and K&N filter. I hope this is close.
i thought that was weird too, and i said "isnt the stock size 130" he said "all i know is that this sheet says that they are using a 125 with the slipon and no airbox mods
He must be dyslexic!!! 125...152?
Who cares what they say!! Try one size bigger than what they say and if it skips then u r good.

A lot of companies are Soooo confused about this bike, the jetting it needs and what size stock even is. Everytime I call around I get guys that are supposed to be building the stuff and don't remember their combinations, Jets, HP levels, sound levels or probably even where they live!

Yes, I had to pull the airbox to install the adapter. Can't get a drill down in there.
THere are two bolts on the CDI and one on the other side of the quad in the same place. Unhook the intake hose and it comes right out.
did you take the rear fenders off too?
No, not at all. ??? That's extra work. You can get in there and pull the box right through the top.
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