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SUZUKI LTZ 400 boogs out.

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I am new here and i am from Slovenia/Europe.
I own suzuki ltz 400 year 2008 and lately i have problems with it.
I heard that stock petcock is bad so i ordered new one as on yamaha 660, but from ali express..
When i changed it, i accidentally put hose from petcock on vacum place on carburator.
Gas floded carburator and it was all over the floor. Then i put hose from petcock on right place on carburator,
but since then engine doesnt want to work properly. it starts but boogs out when u
throttle. I cleaned carburator like 5 times, checked all membranes and all jets, everything
is clean and fine. i changed back to stock petcock bc i thought new petcock is bad.
Problem is the same. I checked carburators membranes and its ok and vacum in carburator works to.
i tried new sparkplug even new gas and its always the same.
I dont know what to do?

U can see it on video here.

Suzuki LTZ 400
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Ok i solved the problem. i accidentally switched main jet with pilot jet. Now it works, but there are some bangs, i think i have to set up the tps, bcs i messed with it.
Mine runs fine with no TPS.
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