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Hey guys,
My name is Jorge, and I live in Portugal.
Today, I come here to present my Z400. I bought the quad in December 2019, all original and already have make some mods.

65DBF7C1-604C-41C4-A2C7-41C4A4027B74.jpeg A033FE57-ABE9-426B-AC31-E597BA14D3EF.jpeg

And now, is when all the mods start.

F104A8EB-BDA1-41A0-9204-E70B9D332237.jpeg B664DF8B-FD13-449A-9985-8552FDEA779D.jpeg E9CB59FF-33AF-4E35-B842-EB5B4EE12A66.jpeg 9C72A3BD-C2E6-4715-88CD-47A8EB663BD5.jpeg 8695475E-3A84-44B2-8136-3A1A9B62ECCD.jpeg

Thats the result of almost two years of mods, and is not finished yet.
The motor is all stock for the moment.
That’s the list, of parts and mods I have done it.

• ODI Podium CFT Handlebars;
• ODI Lock On grips;
• Killswitch ProDesign;
• Skid Plate by XRW;
• Side frame protections by CrossPro;
• Nationals A-Arms +3 (They are made in Portugal, and they have 3 points for shocks);
• Goldspeed Rims 9 (rear);
• Goldspeed Rims 10 (Front);
• 4 Maxxis Razr2;
• YFZ450 taillight;
• Start Dominó;
• Clutch Lever ARC DC8 Composite;
• Nerf Bars Racing by Crosspro;
• Rear Handle by XRW;
• TM Designs chain skid;
• Brake cover by Zeta;
• Hell breaded brake lines (red);
• Renthal 14T sprocket;
• JT 38T rear sprocket;
• Bumper “HAT” by CrossPro;
• MotoMasters rear brake rotor;
• Full Yoshimura system with titanium pipes;

I thinks that’s all, I can remember for now.
I’m open for all the suggestions for make my quad even better. Feel free, to give me your opinion.

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