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who makes swingarms with round-style bearing cariers for the Z and what are the prices?
i know lonestar advertises one on thier website for like $815
i know there are others...
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I know there's a swingarm on the Alba website. Not sure if it's the one you already know about or if it's the one you want.
If u want one for free or really cheap u could take it to one of the frame builders who doesn't have a Z to work on. U could also get some a-arms too.

Zracer has a Bugard? swingarm on his already. Their a-arm prices were good so I would expect the same of their swingarm.
Yes, Burgard Cycle makes 400EX/250R style Swingarm for the Z. The difference between the lonestar and Burgards is the Lonestar utilizes the suzuki Axle, hubs, and rotor hub, but the Price of the Swingarm and Carrier is $812.95.

The Burgard Swingarm is $450.00. You will need to buy the following Honda Parts. Axle, Hubs, Rotor hub, Sprocket, Carrier, and axle lock nut. These parts do add up though. But, honestly, I would replace the axle anyway, and I wanted an antifade rotor hub. So really all I needed extra was the hubs, caliper holder, and sprocket. The Rotor and Caliper are reused.

The total rear conversion cost:
450.00 Swingarm
150.00 double row Carrier
50.00 Rotor Hub & Lock Nut
70.00 Hubs (USED)
30.00 Caliper Holder and Clip
30.00 Sprocket

780.00 Total

The total is cheaper plus I have parts I could sell or keep for later.

You will also need a axle, but you wouldn't do the conversion and keep a stock axle even for the Lonestar. So, Plan on spending another $350.00 for an axle.

Burgard Cycle 717 225-6234
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so you're telling us that you used a 400ex swingarm and then changed the parts around to make it fit?
isn't the shock linkage different, as well as the length?
No, I am not saying that a 400EX swingarm was used. I said a 400EX/250R STYLE SWINGARM. Yes, the linkage is different completely and they can't just be swapped for several more reasons than just the Linkage.
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