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tips for racing?

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I was wanting to get into mx with my blaster and was wondering what are some good things to know to get started, like what gear do i start in off the line, 1 or 2? what should i practice up on, like things like whoops and jumps and corners and how should i practice? what are some must haves as far as parts go, i might go out tomorrow and get a tether kill switch, and am looking for a used chest protector... anyways, tell me what i need to know about the sport of motocross..

thanx, dale
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ya dont crash!!
: :D
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What kind of races do you have out there in Alberta? I watched my first MX race a few months ago and it was pretty cool. I was thinking of maybe trying one next year. There are not that many sport quads out here, only 10 or so at the race. Do you guys have lots out there?

PS: I live in Manitoba.

Technique for races, I say practice your starts on the same kind of dirt you will be starting off in at the race. Know what you and your quad can and can't do. Practice doubles, I still haven't gotten over my fear of doubles yet, the one we have here is a little scary but I will have to tackle it someday, its for dirt bikes. What the other guy said, don't wipe out. Oh and practice, practice and oh yah practice.
ya, i am freaked out about doubles too, i don't know how to over come my fear... there is a web site called

visit there, it is the site for manitoba racers. I think that they are a few racers, you just have to look hard.In alberta we have mx, hare scrambles and xc...we have quite a few, go to to visit the alberta racing site and see how many racers there are.. i just went out today and got my tether kill switch and ordered the toomey B-1 kit for my blaster. I think i might start in second, i tryed just by myself but wasn't revving enough and it would bog when i started. so ya, i am going to practice this sunday with my dad and maybe some other people from that alberta site.
You are so so so lucky to have all of that in Alberta. I think its time for me to move, hehe. You sure do have lots of riders compared to us, why don't some of you come on out to Manitoba and ride in out races? hehe. Good luck.
we have a nit of tracks too, i think we have around maybe above 10 in alberta, sure you can move here lol, you can live in my unfinished basement...if you ever do come over here though, tell me when you are and bring your quad.
Once I'm debt free I'll decide where I want to work and live. I would like to stay in Manitoba but there is alot more in Alberta than Manitoba. I would also like to take my Arctic Cat to the mountains and go trail riding. I could bring both quads with me and go riding for a few weeks. Just a dream I've had since high school. Someday I'll get out there for a few weeks.
haha, i am going to a motocross track with a few guys from that site :p :p
: it is going to be awesome, we are spending the day there on sunday, maybe you should come lol, start driving now!!!!!!
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10 hours to winnipeg, 12 hours to Edmonton. I'm on my way!
nice, see you here lol
How did you get "The Canadian Guru" under your name?
I asked for it lol
believe it or not here in New Hampshire at the races theres about 200 racers!!!!
wow, thats amazing, but the way i think of it, the less riders, the more of a chance you have of winning!!!!!!!! the sport is really just starting up in western canada and so far it has been good.
to get over your fear of doubles, it is easier at a track where you actually see other quads doing them. Ask the other guys what gear you need to be in to clear them. Most of the time something around 2nd-3rd gear is around 20'-30'. You cant really build one yourself to practice on because once you do it you will get used to it and only it. You cant really work up to a double, you just got to do it. One should be compfortable jumping there quad before just going for any big ones though. Also try to get compfortabel jumping on tabletops and doubles that have a smaller landing jump than the takeoff jump, the landing jump should be rounded off with not a very steep up hill if you come up short. I guess I was lucky because when I got into this stuff we had baby jumps, not so these days,lol. Just make sure you dont get hurt, if its scaring you then you probably dont have the skill to safley do it yet. I see many novice riders slamming into the face of double jumps. That is a sure way to hurt the quad and you! If you cant jump it just roll over the top and accellerate again, This is actually faster than the morons that come to a dead stop when they slam the face of a double and stuff their body into the gas tank, sprain wrist, ankels, etc.
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yes, they do have a little double at the race track i am going to, it is a fairly easy jump with a huge doeble jump, but you can just roll over it.
There's only one way to get over your fear....that's just to do it. I know because the Z is my first quad. I got a very late start into riding. I'm 24. But I let my friends talk me into entering a local race here in Sierra Vista, AZ. I did it and it was a 3rd overall...but there was only 3 people in my class. hehe. I did exactly what you guys are talking about...there were a few more experienced riders out there who were doing a double that I was afraid of...once I realized that they weren't going that fast....I decided I could do it. And I did....but definitely get comfortable in the air first...that way you can adjust yourself before taking a hard landing....I did go flying off my quad because I overshot a jump and wasn't prepared for the rebound.
well i went to the track, the biggest jump that i cleared was a 40 foot table top, i was so happy, i went over once slowly to get the feel for it, then another time faster with a little air to see how the take off was, then i hit it in gourth gear and flew, it was amazing, and they had 3 doubles at the track, one was like 70 feet so i didn't do it, but the others were 20 feet and i cleared those too, i just need to adjust my suspension, it is too soft, there are about 6 table tops in all, but some of them didn't have the right lips for quads, there was also a step up and step down jump, i got video but cant put it on the computer.
wicked!!! Sounds like you had alot of fun. We only have one table top here at our local homemade track. That 70' double sounds deadly, one wrong move and your going to be in a world of hurt. I don't think I would ever hit that.

Did you race at all? How did you do?
it was just a pratice.
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