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Tons of questions about mods. please help... (LONG)

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Anyone have an FMF powerbomb header?
Will it work with the stock silencer??
If not I need a Quiet pipe for where I ride... Stock is fine but I cannot change tone or sound level much... Im not that worried about power, but I refuse to keep a stock pipe because of rust... I haev considered coating the stock pipe....

I have never been happy with K&N filters. I can see pinholes in them when I hold them up to a light... I use a ACCEL foam prefilter over my K&N for my car and my Honda Odyssey... ( it traps tons of dirt) and If you are used to the K&N you know how hard it is to clean ...

Can anyone give me a baseline jetting for a Modified (removed slencer from end of snorkle) airbox at 1,000ft elevation and a stock exhaust.. my quad even cuts out if the airbox lid isnt buckled, Im really close to being to lean stock.

I wonder if a thin head gasket would make much of a HP gain?? on cars a thin gasket raises compression and retards cam timing at the same time..
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I know the powerbong headers worked good on the Ex's, alot people have them. I don't know about using the stock uffler but u could just get the FMF qmuffler, it is designed to be quiet. If ur not happy w/ K&N's then get a Uni, Twin air or WB powerfilter, i have only seen the powerfilters but i havn't looked for Uni and twin air. Where is ur throttle cutting out? 1/8-/14? 1/4-3/4? 3/4-Full? A thiner head gasket might add alittle but not to much.

if u dont want your header to rust do not get the fmf. it dont have any coating unlike almost all other header pipes.
but the powerbong is either stainless stell or titanium, both dont rust.

"Powerbong" hehe what are y'all thinking about.

Dude, Wheres my Quad?

Whats it say?
Dude! Whats mine say?
Sweet! Whats mine Say??

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Um, K&N hard to clean, as opposed to foam, um, on what planet? The K&N is the easiest to clean in my opinion and if you have the outerwears over it, the dust ain't gonna get through. I like mine a lot.
yea k&n is much easier, to clean, however does not filter as good as a stand alone filter as the foam. As far as the powerbong, my buddy took his off of his raptor cause it burnt through absolutely everything, riding pants, long pants, boot rubber, its pathetic, i would look for a yoshi full system, withit u can get the tec, and adjust the sound level to where u want it.!
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