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totally lost

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i got a white Z-400 bout 3 weeks ago and thought id put a pipe on it.......i hear a lot of good stuff bout the HMF slip on but was wondering what all exactly do i need to get and what all is involved in installing it.........can i do it myself?..........i do a lot of trail riding and climb alot of steep hills.......this pipe wouldnt rob from my low gear climbing power would it?
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common someones gotta know
well, if you have to ask if you need someone to do it, you'd probably be better off to have someone do it since your going to have to rejet it. from what i've heard, it should actually help out on bottom end also.
It totally depends on what you want, you can get a pipe that will give you nothing but topend or you can get one that will give you nothing but bottom end and anything in between. There are a lot of pipes out there and each one is a little different. I chose a Trinity Racing pipe (not a slip on I got the full exhaust), they claim a 5 horse gain and increased power across the band. I ride mostly wooded trails and I really don't need any more power, I am mostly between 2nd and 3rd gear and if I could just be in one as opposed to being in the middle it would be nice. I also agree if you have to ask what is involved in changing it then you better have someone do it. For the Trinity you have to put the pipe on, rejet it, and remove the airbox lid and screen. Not a lot of work but easier if you know what to do.

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