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Trail Riding - Central/SE Ohio

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Wayne National Forest;

Perry State Forest;

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resq they make them pics look so good I went down there last time holy cow I had to stradle the 2 foot deep ruts but I might be comin down this august or september so I will email you and see ya there
Alot of places are starting to show wear for this year, but early in the season the trails were true to the pictures. The main coridor in wayne is still in good shape and does have some ruts on a few hills. Perry is a rock/hill climbers dream come true. Its an old stripmine area and will take at least a day or more to cover it all. One of the only public areas in ohio that you can travel off trail if it looks good enough to ride on or make your own without getting a ticket. Keep me posted on your next trip.
wanna come up to maumee it is fun to ride there it is in toledo
Yup Wayne was pretty nasty early this year with all the rain that we have had. They have done a lot to it since and it isn't that bad at all. Purdum could use some work but the Dorr Run Loop and Main Corridor aren't that bad at all. Some friends of mine are planning a camping trip to Wayne August 16-19 for some riding, I am finally going to take a night ride and see what that is like, everytime I say I am going to I drink too much and just say the heck with it. I go just about every weekend, if I see any other Z400's I try to stop them and chat. Hope to get with you guys sometime.

Balzak, did you make it over the weekend? I did see a few z's but none with nerfs on them. Thought I may run into you.

Hindelk I may take a trip up your way in sept. That would be my next chance for a weekend vacation. Will let you know...
No, I was too hung over (getting too old for that) and the weather didn't cooperate saturday, you can bet for sure that I will be there this next weekend. If you are going let me know, and if not let me know when the next time that you are going.
hey balzark love your car by the way but night riding at wayne I will proly never do that I have hard enough time seeing things in the light like them huge rocks and them drain things at the botom of hills hit that nstupid pipe
well I definatly wouldnt get drunk before a night ride and resq you know my email [email protected] just give me a buzz I will be up there with the whole gang if they want to come
hehe they got rid of that stupid pipe that was in the way there by that brick road (it was about time). Yeah we usually do a little riding without any beer then have a few and we get faster and faster on the trails. At night we just settle down and get pretty hammered and don't ride at all. I am going to try to be sober once and do the night ride thing. I know the trails pretty well and know what is on the other side of the hill or at the bottom. Hope to catch you guys out there once. I would like to compare my riding skill with others just to see how I am progressing, I have only been riding for 2-3 years now. I don't get passed by anyone on a quad in the trails but bikes are a different story.
Ah yes, saturday rain.. It lasted from 9am-2pm. Talk about a muddobers paradise. I matched the Z very well, brown. Trails were still sloppy sunday but drying up quickly. Thinking about this sunday. Crew from atv time that i ride with will be there also. Would be parking at P5 in Dorr Run and ride there and longridge. A few are talking about nightriding friday and saturday. Great time to ride when you know the trails. Still lacking the layout of Dorr Run, but wont be long.
hey do you know of a legal way to get from the concrete bridge up to long ridge? Ive heard that there is a way without roading it but Ive never seen a route.
There used to be, you could ride the railroad tracks, but they have since pulled them out and blocked the trail that used to be there (and I mean blocked it good). It apparently is legal to go down the road, the rangers don't have a problem with it. Everyone I talked to said go down the road and that is what we did, it is nice over there since there isn't a whole lot of traffic. As you drive down the road to the entrance to Longridge you will sometimes see a cop car that is parked at a house on the way, that cop lives there and has never said anything to anyone about riding through there to get to longridge.
Thats the only way I know also...

I have some 80+miles of refined tracks for main trails in Wayne National Forest in ExpertGPS format. Contains areas of Dorr Run and the Main Coridor north to the New straightsville Trail Head. All Helipads included. No where to post the files, email me with gps in the subject line and I will send the files to you. [email protected]

Can get the ExpertGPS program for 30 days free here --->
hey resq when ya comin up for vacation i dont know when the next time i will be down to wayne is the guy that takes me and my dad had to go to texas had to help out his brother he doesnt take nothing from no one thats y he is in jail but he never said the next time we are going down there but he did say since i got a z he would take me down there everytime he went
Hey Hindelk when are you going to Wayne next? I will be camping down there this weekend from the 16th through the 19th with some friends on the Dorr run loop side of things. I hope to try a night ride if that is possible with the guys that I go with, usually they have drank too much by the time it starts to get dark though. If you can make it I will try to look for you, I guess you, Resq, and me are the only ones that I have seen with nerfs on our Z's that ride down there, it makes it that much easier to pick us out in a crowd.
yeah all of our quads except for your beeing yellow and haveing a pipe are all the same
: yeah we all have suzuki nerfs but i dunno maybee in sept or oct i dont get to travel much but my friend said he wanted to go down there he takes us and is dorr run the on at that williams campground i think thats what it is called but it has a store and a huge campsite
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Dorr run is off of route 33 the main corridor is up by williams campground and camp ohio. At 278 there is a little general store and that is also where the hot dog stand is by the cement bridge. Kind of nice to ride all day and stop on the trail and get a bite to eat. Let us know when you will be getting down there again so that we can try to hook up with you. I ride down there almost every weekend, in september coming up it is harder for me to ride with all of the weddings, birthdays, and my anniversary coming up but you can bet for sure that I will be down there almost every weekend from then till december 15th when it closes.
I will be pitchin a tent at camp ohio this weekend along with a few others.
Will be lookin for ya Balzak saturday/sunday.
Cool, I will make sure that I head that way up the main corridor saturday and sunday. See ya soon.
We must have missed you Balzak. I did see more Z's this trip, and a Z with nerfbars and trinity pipe. He was a short guy and didnt look like your picture but I stopped him anyway. Had a great time including a nite ride saturday night. Ran into a group of 3 guys at the cemetary that night looking for the
slag piles at dorr run. They were headed twards new straightsville. Turned them around and tried to point them in the right direction. lol

Sounds like a trip to silver lake in Michigan is forming in Sept. Looking forward to the sand ride.

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