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Trail Tech has a computer, lights, and handle bars made for the Z. Are trail tech computer and lights good? What are the stock handlebar size on the Z? To the the computer, lights, and handlebar, its $220.
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I just put the Panoram computer on my Z on the handlebars just inside of the throttle. It works great, looks good and tucks right in there perfectly. I paid $30 at Walmart as opposed to $70 from Trail Tech for the same computer.
Do you know what the size of the Z handlebars are...the Trail Tech bars are 1 1/8
how do you know that they have one for the z?

and what computer did you get from walmart?

did you get pics?
good, just checking

i guess
Aproy, I got the same panoram computer they use from Trail Tech. I have a pic.

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Hey Barely Legal...

What feature does that computer have??
What does it do??

What is the name of it, so I can look at one in Walmart :)

What I might do is get the computer,lights, bars, and clamp from trail tech...that just over $200...and Im going to get 50watt lights, not the 35.
It has everything you can get for a trip computer.
Average speed
Top speed
current speed
Ride time in hours
Total ride time in hours
oil change interval
back lighting
and some other stuff Ican't remember for $30
Damn. I'm gonna have to get me one of those!! Hey Z400, what do u mean by lights? Are they bulbs or another light like the Lazer lgiht things? And lets see those pics.

2 are the pics:

Ill try to get a pic of the lights...
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Those r the X bar things...I didn't realize it sadi Z400 on it, thats cool.

I have to buy all that shinny stuff...first thing to get is skid plates and nerf bars...after that...wantever I can afford...LOL
The light bar kit for the Z from suzuki is $220...for that I can get the trail tech bars, clamp, computer, and lights...
Aproy, I got the same panoram computer they use from Trail Tech.  I have a pic.  

and am i remembering right, you got it at walmart? i think im gonna go for a quick ride.
This is a picture of the entire Z setup except lights from trail tech...after I buy my skids, and nerfs...I plan on buying the entire setup.
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Yeah, Walmart. I don't go there much but I was in getting some dog food. I looked over on the bike shelf and was lie damn, that looks like a trail tech computer. Grabbed it up.

The other setup with the bars looks nice too. It's all about what you want to do.
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