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Trailtech clamp/X-bars

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I just got mine today and I want to install them but I have a question. To anyone that has this set up; What are the small black oval things included in the box with the bolts? I cannot figure out where they go.
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u have to put the bolts through the clamp and then the u shape bolts this is so the key fits and the the bolts dont go to the smooth part
So the black things go under the clamp? It seems like that will make it too high.
no if u do that trail tech says it only be 1in smaller than but u need it to for the keyswitch to fit thats why i got lower bars not the xbars
Allright, I just started intalling the clamp and bars and it looks like I need to drill a hole on the left side of the new bars to mount the starter/choke. Are you KIDDING ME!!! Won't that weaken the handlebars? Did anyone else drill the hole or did you grind off the nub from the starter? If I gring the nub off will it spin around on the bars or is it tight enough not to?
it doesnt spin i filed it of with nail clipers worked good but i would suggest to take of the little gold colored piece if u dont want to scrach it
I just got the Trail-tech bars and clamp and it installed fine. I have to reuse the stock grips until my twist throttle comes in at the end of the week. Are there any tricks that I need to know when I install the twist?
Look around a bit. There's a thread on the Motion Pro Twist Throttle install. I dont remember right off where it is, either under Performance parts, or General Discussion I think. Try those bro. BTW, welcome to the site.
I'll check them out and let you know how it goes.
I should be getting my X-Bar setup today but my bike is still in the shop for trans problems. [:(]
Are you talking about a Z? What kind of tranny problems are you having?
The shifting problem is similar to when the bike is sitting still and and the shifter will move but it won't pop into gear. It does that because the gears aren't turning. Mine does the same thing sometimes when I am moving and the gears are turning. Sometimes it doesn't want to shift from 2nd to 3rd and 3rd to 4th.
Geez, Don't tell me you guys are getting the craptor tranny flu.
I have seen posts very similar to this about the bike not shifting into first gear and so forth. The clutch engagement in these bikes is complicated with the parking brake attachment. If you will simply release the clutch one time and then try again it has worked everytime. I have to do this everytime I come to a stop and turn off the machine(beast). Maybe it is just my bike, but i have heard several people have this issue. I release my clutch and engage it again and it works everytime, and i have to do this frequently or when the bike is stopped turned off and restarted.
Zeeper, I am having a completely different problem from the one you mentioned. The service guys won't return my calls either. :x
thaz no good when they don't call back....hope it's all good.
I picked up the bike today. The service manager said he couldn't get the shifting problem to occur. When I sat on the bike and shifted, the service mgr noticed that the shift lever was hitting the case saver. I am going to grind off a little of the bottom of the case saver and see if this helps my problem.
Why would you grind?

Has anyone else had to?
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