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Transfer Cable/Gear Selection Cable

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2003 LT-F-400/F Eiger. Wouldn't shift into reverse. I pulled the side panel and found the transfer cable bushing was missing and the cable was loose from the shifter. Reattaching the cable to the shifter has no effect and the transfer case is stuck in four wheel low. It SEEMS the cable may need replacing or possibly adjusting. In either case is this a relatively easy process or does it require a higher skill set? In other words I need some help and advice. I have a repair manual but.... Thanks for any and all help and advice. JJ
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Generally replacing a cable isn't to difficult. You need to watch the routing but should be pretty straight forward.
Thanks. While this is a 20 yr old machine it has less than 1000 (yep 1K) miles on it. I was hoping for an adjustment issue. Everything on this machine is OE except the battery and fuel ****. Thanks again for your help, regards. JJ
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