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Last night I tried to do some tricks on my Z. I tried to get it up on 2 wheels, no luck. How do you do this? What is it called? I tried to take a sharp slow speed turn while leaning to the outside and then quickly straighten out, this would get me up but not very far. Any suggestions?
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When i do it i go fairly fast, the faster u go the less u have to turn. Just go 3rd/4th gear and turn sharper until the wheels come up. The rest is pretty much up to u.

I was trying 1st gear, I'll try a higher gear.
Try this

It is easier in second. I just stand up and kind of throw my weight while I am turning. Just use your weight and push it more and more each time. I can ride a straight line on mine now on two wheels. The cool thing is to kick the gas and pull up hard while on two wheels and you can ride a one wheeled wheelie. Also just rocking from one side to the other at a slow speed and while turning left to right slowly you can feel where it gets on two wheels and then just lean a little more and give it a little more gas.
I roll along in 2nd then turn sharp left and straigten out. You may have to go right though its all on your preference. I can ride it on two wheels forever just takes alot of practice. Ill get some pics on here ASAP.
i can do it in every gear no footed hehe, practice make perfect...............

i think it is called a bicycle or something, i turn kinda sharp and it comes up, maybe i might get pictures later on in life.
Once I get my Lonestar on tomorrow I won't be doing this trick anymore. I won't be able to, wider in the rear than the front!
I was riding on two wheels sideways and then gassed it and pulled it up. It is hard to go too far like this but still fun to do.

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yes, i can do that for like 1 second
Like everyone else said, do it in second gear until you are comfortable... You wouldnt want to be in 4th not know what you are doing, its just like a wheelie, practice practice and you will be doing it in 5th gear tapped and bringing it up on ! wheel in 3rd gear just like me :roll:
They aren't to hard, I do mine in 2nd or 3rd gear and if I feel that I am tipping to far i just turn the wheels slightly the other way. You gotta use your body and ur turning to keep it up. If I begin to tip over i just put my foot down and push the other way! Just practice and it will come to you! :D
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