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Triity Pipe Info

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Today we did some more jetting and gained more power. The final outcome was a 165 main with no lid. I know that this is the biggest out there for the Z, but it flat out rips. I had it out at Pismo on Saturday and Comp Park on Sunday and I could not believe the power gain. I posted the updated dyno sheet on my site along with some pictures (site located at bottom). These are the biggest power gains of any pipe manufacturer yet.
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NICE! love your quad! But on your dyno chart, cant read the numbers :( but it looks about 35 ish HP?
Cool, BUT I am a bit confused??

I thought the Z dynoed at 33hp stock??

So why is this pipe and jetting only dyoing at 35hp???

What am I missing :)

This is due to my severely bent axle. It bounces the rear end around even while it is tied down. I ordered a new Lonestar so we can have an accurate dyno reading for the new 440 big bore kit in the works.
How much money have you put into your Z so far?
Value and cost are two different things. I have almost $4500 in accesories and not about to stop. I ordered my axle, awaiting the nerfs from Pro Armor, big bore 440 kit in assembly, Holeshot MX's on order, cams, and carb when the motor is done! So far this is all I can think of.
holy w00ter dude, what do u do for a living?
So as far as the pipe goes (35hp) only gaining less than 2hp from stock (33.1hp); we don't really have any accurate data for the hp increase with this pipe??
It is really a guess at this point??


:roll: :roll:
Lobe_Z take a look at the dyno chart on his link. It shows a 4-5 hp gain at 55 mph. You also get about 3-4 ft-lbs of torque at 40 mph. It would be nice if this chart would show RPM instead of wheel speed though, oh well.

Every dyno will show different results, so that 33 hp dyno your talking about is going to be different than the dyno WP dynoed on. Dyno's can not be compared, it just shows you what power differences there are after you have made changes. If you want to compare HP from different manufacturers along with different mods then you will need one dyno in a controlled environment that way the testing can be done at anytime without having to worry if the air temp was the same as the last time you tested, same thing goes for humidity.

thanx for the explanations.......

Athough, the 33.1hp rating was listed on Trinity's web site, and that is probablly the same dyno WP used??

The link to the dyon sheet shows a pretty hard to read sheet :)

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The 33hp was my quad but the bent axle is robbing about 2 hp. We used the 33hp run instead of the 30.5hp it was doing with the bent axle to try and keep confusion down. It was a catch 22. If we used the 30.5hp run as the base people would say that it did not have 33hp as stated in the first test. If we ran the 33hp base people would not notice as big of a difference and comment on that. If Suzuki didn't built such a crappy axle we would be fine. I have a new axle on order and it will be here in 2 weeks.
Cool, Keep us posted :)

And let us know what the final dyno results truely are on this pipe setup.
I talked to Harry today and he dynoed another stock Z before and after the pipe mods with a straight axle. I will go down tomorrow and get a copy of the dyno sheet to post for you guys. He also told me that my new piston will be finished next week and my cylinder is at the platers now. Hopefully next week I will be testing it.
WP you should make a website like GT Thunder so you can document your Z's history.
so what jets do u recemend around i know because of the elevetation changes it is no going to be right so what would u recemend as a starting point with no lid
btw i ur quad is sweet
also where did u get the frame gaurds
Thanks Adam. The skids and frame guards are Pro Armor. As Trinity Racing states, use the 165 main supplied with the lid off for sea level. I don't know your riding syle or elevation for they both affect final jetting.
For the Trinity Racing Stage IV Muffler. Is the muffler loud Do u know its noise dp. I know the stock one puts out about 92 dp.And they say the Yosh slip-on puts out about 102dp. I am looking to get in to mx and I also do alot of trail riding too. I am going for a muffler that has a bigger bite then bark Or more power then sound. Is the Trinity Loud. I have read about it and they say it puts out alot of power. I just need a good Pipe. And I need help picking one out. So any Suggestions would help.
That dyno run says yoshi slip on vs trinity stage isnt the trinity getting 2 horsepower over the yoshi? or am i just confused?
At peak it has 3 more hp, but down the line it gains 5-6hp til the end.
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