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Trinity Racing 440 Dyno Results

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I got my bike back this week and got to test it out Friday night. Trinity installed their new 440 kit, port and polished the head, added an FCR 41mm carb and a K&N filter. This thing flat out hauls a$$. You thought you hit the rev limiter fast before, try this kit out. They are going to have Web Cams create a new grind to optimize the power output this motor now has. My bike is going in to Dyna to have a new ignition box made that will have more spark energy and a higher rev limit. With cams and a new box this thing is going to be unstoppable. It seems to like rpms very well, with enough bottom to pull hard out of berms. With stock cams and ignition this thing is putting out 45 hp. We are looking at the +50 mark after cams and ignition. I posted the dyno sheet for this along with some updated pictures of my bike. The dyno sheet is the 440 kit verses the piped 400 not stock. That is how much of an improvement this kit is. It has a much stronger powerband with a 13 hp increase and 8 ftlb of torque more than the piped version. Dynos are not the same as the next guys, but CT claims 46 hp with a 453 kit and cams, while Yosh claims 46 hp with a stroker and ignition box. Hopefully the chance to compare will come soon.
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how much would that kit cost me and would that price include inslation
i would love to get that cause its almost more horsepower than the 450 kit an it is at the motocross desplacement limit
Give them a call and see. Everything so far has been flawless. I hope to keep it that way!
what is the website for the carberator.
I want the carb too :!: :!: :!:
I think the 40mm FCR carb is better. It is an updated version of the 41 & 39, it adds about 6hp. (Look at gt thunders dynos) And it has tps if u want to know.

Contact your Honda Dealer. the 41mm comes with the CRF450R on the carb is only $333.00.
Cheap! Thats a better upgrade then exhaust!
Trust me, you need motor mods to run the 41mm. It is a big carb for a stock motor. It needs to be able to flow the big increase it will recieve from the carb.
cory is right, for once. 41mm is waaaaaaay too big for a stocker motor. you'll just foul plugs.
Hey Thrshr, when are you going to ride that quad of yours? Poor thing keeps wanting to be ridden and modified, but you neglect it. I think we are going to have to find a foster home for your quad.
If you are going to keep the motor stock and want to upgrade the carb, a 400EX carb or a 39 FCR would work well.
Where to get an FCR 39 with the correct jetting for the Z? Who has done the testing?
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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