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Un plugging z

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I drilled the end muffler out took off snorkel and the airbox lid and put a 152.5 main jet in it what a difference it's a wheelie monster I can ride a wheelie 3/4 the way through 4th now.
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Sweet, i took out the end cap and spark arrester and it sounded way better. I noticed the missing bottom end but didn't really notice the top as much as i wanted too. I put it back on till i get a new exhaust system.

What happened to the flag under your name ZeroZ400? Jesse Jackson at it again?
Rofl!! I didn't realize its missing, i got to reload on that site again.

I chopped out the pea-shooter, took off the intake cap thingy and put a 145 main jet. I can drive with my lid on or off

Are you guys running rich with the 152.5 or did you do other mods?
Get rid of the baffle

I took the baffle out of the end peice and went out today with no other mods. Wow, just doing that made such a difference. Will check the plug to see if it's running to lean tomorrow, as I'm just do dang tired after riding in 95 degree weather today.

I'm surprised I can type wth no errors. 8O


yes mine seem to be fat on top end quite a bit I'm about 600ft altitude in Wisconsin
I also drilled out the pea-shooter on my pipe. I ride at low altitude and didn't have any problems with jetting. I haven't done anything to the airbox either. It's completely stock.

I like the sound MUCH BETTER than stock and I think the quad is putting out a little more power than before. I won't buy an aftermarket pipe until DW does a pipe test, so the drilled end is enough to keep me happy for awhile.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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