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Want to buy a bent axle...

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I am looking for a bent Z axle, so if you bent your and bought a new one, please contact me. If the price is reasonable, I'll take it off your hands.

I am sure someone wants to know why I would want a bent axle, I am designing a replacement axle made of titanium and I need a working copy. I ride too much to take me Z out of service and use the straight stocker.

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It's not bent....but its a stocker....This was posted in the for sale forum. That was a long time ago, prob a better price now!

I have a brand new z axle. I bent my original axle . So the dealer sold me a new one which is supposed to be a harder material. I t has a different part number than the one that came in the quad acording to the suzuki Rep. If interested e-mail at ([email protected]) $ pay for shipping.
Talk to BBertram, he's bent a couple! :D
He has, I'll be talking with my dealership tomorrow and see if they can give me back my first bent axle, it wasn't all that bent compared to my second one. They might need to send it back for warranty though. I'll let you know.
BTW is this replacement titanium gonna be for resale or just for your own personal use? In other words are you going to market them, or just build one?
Talked to my dealership and they need to send them back to Suzuki. Sorry.
I think I can get the axle to market for around $450-$500, it would be stronger and lighter than the typical aftermarket.

If I cannot get a bent one, I may just buy a Lonestar (and sell it later) and copy my stocker.

I would be making the axles (I am also working on some titanium bolt kits) for resale, assuming the are cost effective and I am happy with the finished product.

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