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Web Sites for parts?

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Being new to the preformance quad scene (not to atvs) and the Z400, I have not really found any parts other that exhaust and a few suspension goodies. I was hoping someone out there has a list of places (URLS) of the different manufactures that make parts. Mainly Im interested in speed and power. I dont trail ride much and if I do I will be taking my Vinson. My Z is mainly a drag machine for now with the occational trip to Silver Lake Sand Dunes.

Also, I have seen some of you have aftermarket computers in your machines. What are they for? Are they for ignition? I know there isnt fuel injection on the Z so I am at a loss on that one.

I am mechanically inclined and do know about performance when it comes to cars and trucks. Its just that I really dont have any connections to the aftermarket other than magazines and they are not listing much yet. Most of you have mods I have never heard of for the Z so thats why I am asking.

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Alot of questions but i'll try to answer them. Since this engine is from the dirtbike u can already get cams from might want to wait for a atv engine builder like Rage atv to come out w/ a more aggrssive cam that has more torque and power. a big list of parts from different companies. a lot of dynos which will help decide whats a good mod especially for drag racing. The lonestar website is the qrong one for atving, its The computers r from website tells u what the computer does.

looks like those 2 gave you some good websites. visit inland jet sports, the link is in my sig, and talk to bobby. he's making some killer products for the z that you guys might like. tell them tracy sent you.
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