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What a help!!

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This is the best money I've spent in a while. It was so great to be able to detail the
quad without bending over or sitting on the ground. And what a
breeze to clean and lube the chain! Only $80 at Sam's Club.
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umm.. what is it?
Nice! That will be handy. Can you move your Z around in the garage on that jack?

If you want to see his image, right click on the red X in the box, click on properties. Copy the address by hilighting it with the mouse and then press Ctrl+C. Open up a new browsing window and paste the url into the address bar up top and check it out.

The file is in some kind of weird format, ptp. Windows XP seems to handle no problem because it has IE6.0, maybe its IE6.0 handling it no problem. Just copied the file to my desktop and its a jpg.

Anyway try that.
I'm going to try and fix his picture.

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Thanks! I didn't notice the .ptp. It seemed to work fine, so I left it. I'll see about fixing it.....I think it should work now. Let me know if it doesn't.
Yeah, you can move the jack around, although it is a little squirrley. It sways quite a bit, but I doubt it would fall off.
i got one of those and they saved alot of bendin and kneelin when i eas fixin my mojave.but with when my mojave was on that and i was drainin the oil it was hard to get to the drain plug
Yeah, I noticed that that may be a problem. I'll probably just do that on the ground so the oil doesn't have as far to travel. (The farther it travels, the more mess it can potentially make! :roll: )
You could always tie it down to the jack to make sure it didnt fall off. Just a thought
I got one of those lifts at sears, thier the best!
I also got a little stool on wheels for when I'm working on it. No bending
over at all now
Sold!!!! That things awesome.
Yeah, man. It's well worth the money. Especially when cleaning and when lubing the chain.
You could always tie it down to the jack to make sure it didnt fall off. Just a thought[/b]
Mine came with a set of tie downs just for this reason.
yea, i used to use just normal jacks, one in front and one in back, until i bought one of those a couple of weeks ago, they work awsome
oh yea, and thanx for the tip on chain-lubing i hadn't even thought about that
Mine came with a set of tie downs just for this reason.[/b]
Yep, mine did too.
How exactly are you lubing the chain? Just don't put it into first gear and then let the wheels spin and hold a oily rag to the chain because my dad once did that and the rag caught and he lost part of his thumb between the chain and sprocket. Ouch.
No. I just put it in neutral and turn the wheels by hand. I have the Grunge Brush to clean the chain, then I just spray the oil on. (or even better - have the wifey turn the wheels while I spray!) :D
When I clean my chain, I lift up the quad, put swing skid onto cinder block, and clean away. I be poor.
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