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what grips to get.

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I need new grips asap. What does everyone here like to use?
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Odi Rogue. Best grips available for sure!
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What size do I need? 130mm or 120mm length.
That is a personal preference. I think mine are the 120mm, not positive though.

me and my freinds like the spider grips they last a long time and fit really well and the price is decent
Im gonna go with the 130 Odi Rogues. Just ordered my Fox Rockstar v1 helmet that ive been wanting for a while.

Thanks guys
the benefit with the odi's is they last a long time, very good grip, don't need to glue them on and they're removable.
i love my ODIs! best grip by far!
And odi's are real soft to hands and doesn't leave you with blisters:)
For sure I love my ODI's I got the 120's also. You'll love them
Odi are very nice, hassle free install, excellent value for price, long lasting............130 or 120 will be fine. I got the 130's last time and had to move everything just a tad. I guess I had the 120's before.

One thing I can say is that my grips (mainly one side) started getting kind of sticky and gummy. I'm not sure what happened to them but I bought some new ones but still have the locking rings. I emailed them (they are very close to me as well) to see what I could do about getting JUST a pair of grips and never got a response.....maybe they don't do well with email. Those grips were probably at least 5 years old though.
odi, love mine!
I run Renthal. Haha but I guess ODI is the preference here.
I use Pro Grips; I like how there dual density so there nice and firm in your hand/palm and then super jelly and comphy around the fingers so you don’t get that "throttle hand" were you hand keeps the shape of your bars after a nice ride. ahahaha
I like OURY and Spider very comfortable
I have the metal mulisha edition pro taper grips. i love em
The rouge's are so good because they are the prefect compound(not to hard or to soft), and the perfect diameter.
I just got a new set of Oury and couldn't be happier. Haven't tried those others yet but am lovin the ones I have for now. And like 13 bux shipped from ebay hehe can't go wrong!
ODI's are the only way to go! No other grips worth having after having ODI's.
I can't see anyone using anything other than ODI rogues after trying them.
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