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What jet to use?

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I have a HMF slip on silencer with 12 vents in my airbox. What is the correct jetting for this setup? Has anyone been changing the pilot jet or needle?
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id try 150 first depending on your vent size, then go down from there, maybe 145.

i changed the needle on mine.
You can't just go a certain size and then go down, u go up until it skips at full throttle. Then u go down one size and ur jetted good. Also, if it skips slightly when going from 1/8 throttle to 1/4- throttle then ur lean in the midrange, that means u ower the clip to raise the needle. Hope i helped.

There is not a clip on the needle, but it has spacers. Take the spacer from the top and place it on the bottom and this will help the mid-range.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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