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what next for my mojave

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what else should i put on my mojave?? :?: :?:
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Dura blue Graph-lite wheel spacer for front and rear Is a cheap way to widen your quad as opposed to a axle or a-arms.

If you got big bucks go for a Four stroke tech 330 sleeve/ 13:1 piston kit.
Four stroke race cams, Four stroke tech valve springs, four stroke tech HD clutch springs, Four stroke tech port and flow, Head KLR250 ignition, Four stroke tech 37mm mikuni carb kit for a big power boost.
As for handling aftermarket a-arms, swing arms and axles, anti vibe steering stem, PEP shocks
For ease of use get the Goki electric starter kit.
Also maybe a Sidewinder Chain and sprocket set.
My mojave had a 12:1 compression pistion...some things the mojave needs is better suspension, longer a arms, longer swing arm, and wider axle...if i didnt sell my mojave i would have done those things to it...
well i think the best mod you can get is suspension. Find a nice set of works shocks that fit your riding needs.
Hey Lurch good to see ya. Hows the Mojave? Are you lookin into the green Z yet? sure you've heard it like 80million times, but yer mojave's pimp.....just wanted to tel you that
Looky here.....

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8) thats sweet dude...congrats on the cover
I wish it was the cover. I just added their logo to it. :D
lmao thats too funny, very pimp :| that is the BEST looking mojave ive seen yet, congrats on the :phoney: cover lol
It's not the cover, but it is on page 76 of the December issue.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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