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what to get

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i got my z liek a month ago and im goign to start to get stuff for it i have been looking at nerfs pipes skids and a coupel other things i do alot of dune riding and trails i also liek to jump are these what i need or shoudl i get soemthing else and what brand should i get
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How rough r the trails? If they're fairly smooth u can probaly get by w/ just a swingarm plate but if u think ur gonna need a chassis skid then get it. I've always liked the Ac pro-pegs but people r saying they don't line up good, so u might want to wait for Graydon. For a pipe i would say a ct for the most power if ur not concerned about noise, otherwise its up to u. U definetly want nerfs for jumping and if ur really serious about jumping u should get some shocks. Works r the cheapest but still better than stock, then u have Elka, PEP, Custom Axis r the more known brands but u can't forget about Ohlins and TCS. (any others i forgot?)

I have the White Bros Pro-Pegs and like them alot, isntall was a breeze. I also higlhy recommend the trailtech xbars with the bar clamp, very nice :D You'll prob wanna throw some shockwears on there to keep mud out of ur springs.
I would get some ohlins shocks or tcs and maybe some ac pro peg nerf bars .I would invest in a full pipe system from trinity or yoshi and if u want to get real hp get it ported and polished or get a 450 stroker kit for yoshi and i believe ct will have one out soon. Also trinity makes a 440kit which looks pretty sweet if your gonna race mx.
Definitly go with the AC Propegs. It took me about three hours to install them but it was worth it. The fit isn't that bad at all. They bolt right up to the motor mounts so they don't bend and they will never come loose. You also get the aluminum heel guards which I broke the plastic ones the first couple times riding. Get them from Team Alba for $200.00. Trust me.

Graydon has finished there nerfs for the Z. check out although there arent pics yet, they do list them as complete. I emailed them, and got a response the next day. If you wanna see the pics before buying, they said its about 2 weeks out from being on the website. Heelguards are personal preference. To me, if you do a LOT of trail riding, you dont want them. You have to find the fine line between function and effect. Function protects your feet from the rear wheel, but to me it just collects TONS of mud, debris, and other $h!t. And I too have heard many things about AC. I'm probably gonna run with the Graydon myself.
you said you do alot of dune rding. now your talking my show!! if i were you the first thing i would do for little money is loose the parking brake, get a white brothers block off plate and change your clutch lever and perch. then rip of all the skids and just put back the swingarm one and oil. buy whatever turns you on but get em light weight. then lose the stock rims and get itp or douglas ones, pick your favorite sand tire and play awhile, save the money back up and go with the YOSHI COMP system, yard that AWFUL foam crap air filter out of there getcha a K & N filter and lose the snorkel, jet accordingly and then have fun again. once that is in place then you can play with bars and nerfs and axels and engine work.........just my opinion.
all i have to add to Big Air's list is a set of nerfs and a tether kill switch. Both worth the money. the kill switch is only about $40 and the nerfs will range any where form $100-$200.

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