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which way does the spark arrestor go in on HMF pipe

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just got my hmf pipe and was wondering if it mattered which way the spark arrestor went. i have it in there with the bubble going into the pipe.

also the jetting that hmf reccomend for me ( no airbox lid, k&n filter ) is 170 to 175 at sea level. that seems awfully big to me. but he may have told me the jetting for the 400ex since he quoted me the price for one originally.
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I put the bubble in. It does not matter. It will fit either way I think with this end cap, but not smaller ones.
how do you like your hmf pipe barely legal? any noticable difference in power? how loud is it? i'm kinda leaning towards the fmf pipe, but i'd love to hear from people with pipes so i can compare it. thanks.
The HMF is great. Lots of power across the entire band. I just leave stroked EX's off the line hard and they never catch me.
It sounds good. Not too loud, and a little different than most htings I've heard. This DOHC motor is unique sounding.
I also like FMF's stuff but didn't want to wait. I also think the HMF is better looking than an FMF.
is the spark arrestor for the hmf silencer u.s. forestry approved?
but on the hmf website it says that the s.a. isnt
Isn't what? Approved? Well, it's not marked, but it works. I guess if they are looking for a stamp you need to have your excuses ready.
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