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White Brothers E-Series, R-Series, or Other?

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White Brothers E-Series, R-Series, or other???

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Hey guys i was on Moto Joe and they have white brothers pipes. i love white brothers and the quality of there work. Do yu guys have a favorite of the e-series, or r-series??? If not one of those which pipe do you like the most for a Z-400 and why?? Also i dont have much money to work with. the r-series from Moto joe is only $299. thanks

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The R is much quieter from what i hear about the two...and i have a buddy that rides a modded out 400ex (soon 440ex)...and he tells me that the R is a better pipe then the E...
The E-series put out more power than the the R4. They had a very similar power on bottom but the r4 went down below stock and up to 27.1. The e-series' on powercurve was on top of stock all the way except for the very bottom, it topped out at 27.9. That is for the 400ex but i'm guessing it will be similar on the Z. So e-series all the way! And u might want to wait for a pipe test from a mag so u know whats best.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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