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White Z400

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Well folks, I just got back from the dealer and look what i found at the dealership, they just arrived.

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OMG that's nice
it was just shinning there, i was at my dealers and i see something glowing in the back, so i go out there and look and there it is, my mouth absolutely dropped at the sight.
That is sweet. I can't wait to see one up close. I had one of the first Z's in Michigan so I went with the Yellow. Couldn't wait any longer. But that looks sweet. My buddy is getting rid of his 2001 Warrior and getting a Z (he wants white) All it took was one ride on mine, and of course me kicking his a$$ when it came to open spaces.

Thanks for the post. I will let my buddy know that they are making their rounds with the whiites now.
no problem 8)
My mom wanted me to wait until the white ones came out, she liked the white better then the yellow. I said to her, i dont care about the color, it could be puke green and I would still want it...LOL...I love my Z, and the white one is really nice looking.
WoW! that thing looks badddd! Did you ask the $$? I wonder if the white ones are going to be more $$, im sure more demand so dealer markups etc.
i cant wait till new color plastic comes out. i dont like to have the same color as everyone else. the white is really nice looking.
i didn't ask the money, i had to pick up a part and leave, but i did have time to take the pic.
That looks way better than yellow. But i'm happy w/ yellow too.

i think that might show all the dirt and such but not the stress marks.
[inseart homer simpson drool] urghhhhhhhh

that is nice,

anyone got anymore pics of the white ones?
It looks like a new legend is born. I want one!
Drooling...........................................................Help I don't know how to swim! :)

I too took a trip to my dealership..... to look @ a used 400ex and i saw that white/black beast staring me down, i HAD to go hop on it and check it out, it felt like i hopped on a la-z-boy (with a peice of paper on it; labeled "DO NOT TEST DRIVE IN MUD!!) I will probably be getting one soon ( i hope)
That looks so sweet. I am drooling.
oh I love my white Z it doesnt cost more than the yellow, there is only one place that does that but its the only place and the Z looks even better when dirty
my white Z cost the same as a yellow one.. one of my friends went home to ohmaha nebraska, last weekend and talked to a local dealer bout the white Z and the dealer told him the white ones are limited editions... but i don't know bout that.. lol... :roll:
I am in Omaha, they aren't limited...they are just behind cause they came out later than the yellow. I do love my white on!!!
i have a white one and they are not a penny over the cost of the yellow ones........msrp is all the same but lucky for me my dad had a suzuki car dealership somewhere and got it at dealer cost for 4900
1 - 19 of 19 Posts
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