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Why Cats Are Evil!

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The other day me and my cousin were out riding, me on my Z, and he was on my dads Arctic Cat. He lost control, and fell of the quad, but was still hanging on to the handle bars. He went straight into the woods. He put a nice size gash in he left leg, by hitting his leg into something on the quad. He rode back to my house, and we took him to the hospital...and the whole hour long wait there, we were making jokes about his injury...our favorite one was that he was attacked by a 600 pound arctic cat, the cat got a few good scratches on him, but then he threw the cat into a tree...LOL...he got 9 stitches, crutches, and medication...
When he was changing the bandages yesterday...I took a few pictures...Because of the graphic content, I will not post them in this message... so go to to view the pictures...
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Those's are some pretty good scratches that Arctic Cat left him. Just think god it wasn't a GRIZZLY. LoL My grizzly got a hold of my face and scratch my chin pretty bad. But Im ok now.

It almost looks like a good pair of riding boots could have saved a trip to the ER? do you have pics of the cat?
No pictures of the my cousin threw the cat into a tree, the cat ran away...we are still wondering how he got those scratches on his leg, nothing on the quad lines up with the scratchs...hmmmm...
:twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

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Get some riding boots buddy. Ouch.
LOL...he was just over for a day or two, he didnt have boots with days after the stitches he was riding the arctic cat again, but this time he had on shin guards...the nurse said unless he took it easy, he ankle would swell up and the wound would open back up...sure enough, while in a different country, it swelled up, and the wound is starting to open up again...he might need to get more stitches...
WOW....that isn't no good!

Glad to hear he wasn't hurt any worse!

Oh yeah.....what out for those hungry kittens!
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