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Yoshimura Tri Oval Titanium Race or All Titanium Pro pipes

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Does anyone have one I would like to the best pipe and this definitly seems to be the most expensive plus according to them they have been working with Suzuki for a long time before the Z 400 was released.
Also Yoshimura is with Suzukis Factory Superbike teams.
Also eventully I would like to get the 450 kit from Yoshimura anyone get one of those yet?
Also their is also a carbon sleeve one would this be any better than the titanium?
Any help on this would be appreciated I want the best pipe there is I don't wanna say oh geez I will sell my fmf and get the pro circuit and sell my pro circuit to get... I wanna have the best pipe the first time!
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Trinity has a nice pipe but ur gonna have to wait if u want the absolute best. Wait till a mag does a shoot out then u will know for sure.

take zero's advice, i'm itching to get one but i wanna make sure to get the best out there. makes no sense dishing out close to 500 bucks and find out it's not the very best. then again, you need to take whatever these magazines advice are with a grain of salt.
The owner of the store that sold me my Z is building the 450 yosh kit..sometime this weekend or next week. I will let you guys know how it is. They claim just over 50 hp..... :D This bike will just flat out own!!!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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