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you guys like my new Z400 hauler :)

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1980 gmc, rebuilt from ground up, 6 inch lift, 35 inch baja claws, mildly built 350 :twisted:
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How much did that cost? I'm looking into that kind of truck when i turn 16.

Now all you need is dual exhaust, make that truck rumble! Great looking truck.
2 pipes coming out the back usually means that it is a dual exhaust!
haha...I didn't see that other exhaust pipe.
A red 400 would go better with the color of the truck.. but who cares? the Z's are betetr quads
It matches his interior.
i paid $5500 for it. pretty good for that kind of truck here in ******* land :wink:
Awesome truck. Im looking for a truck like that, i gotta firebird right now and were I live you have to cross a creek to get into town and theres no way a car will make it when the creek goes up. It always seems to flood when ya got important stuff to do...
******* country???

I thought I was a ******* once, but I guess I was wrong. :roll:

Being a superchickenhauler is more fun. 8)

Maybe were all a bunch a ******** at Heart, can u define *******, and can you tell me if I have to move into a moble home to be one?Then tow said moble home with my pickem up truck and park it in a trailer park :?: :?: :?: :?: :twisted: :p :p :? 8O :D

Oh, BTW, do you know why god makes the best ******** live in a Trailer Park???

So the Tornados can find em :!: :arrow: :roll: :p :D :?
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1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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