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Z Aftermarket Susupension

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Does anyone know who makes aftermarket suspension for the Z. Thats one thing Im thinking of upgrading someday.
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Alba has some good shocks on there site I think.
in the A arm picture? those are ohlins, so im giong to check with them about shocks
man would be cool to have some ohlins shocks on a z
Ohlins does make shocks...but they are about $800 for front two and the same for the back one....
might need to buy some for the next atv
LOL...if i get shocks...they will most likly be works performance...a lot less but also good....
i have olins shocks on my duc

imo there is nothing better. they are worth the money.
Considering the Z's shocks r the same as the 400ex's u can use any 400ex shock. I'll be getting Axis in a few years. But PEP and Elka r good too. Don't know much about Ohlins or TCS.

The Z's suspension is different from the 400ex in mounting and travel. Give TCS suspension a call and they can give you specifics and a quote on new shocks. Tell them Cory sent you.
Are you over here drumming up more business Cory? :?
Hey, am I not giving answers to questions? Merely telling them where to go for the supplies doesn't seem just for smartass comments. Unlike you I am greatful for the help these companies have given me and I want to show it.
hey hey hey hey, no flaming here anyone.

Does TCS have a webpage or something where i can see the stuff they have for the Z?
I talked to Todd and Jason today and they said their host went out of business and they are setting up a new one.
Settle down. I need to let others know when people are partial for whatever reason. They should do the same. It wasn't a dumb ass comment, it was a pretty truthful statement.
Works performance sent me a catalog the other day...if i were to get shocks some day i might get much are the TCS shocks?
well, when i get my Z, im planning on putting around 1400-1500$ into suspension right off the bat, works steeler triple rates up front, with krypton +2 a-arms, and a works duracross in the back, , the a-arms and shocks come in a kit from some suspension company in dirtwheels, for like 950$ u get the a-arms, front shocks, and steel braided brake lines....
then the works duracross bake shock is like 460$

i think the tcs front suspensions are about the same as ohlins ($725+)

if i had the cash id definetly get ohlins....or elka....
What company are you talking about?
Shoc Connection----Extreme ATV Suspension

their add is on page 66 in the august dirtwheels mag.... heres the kit im prolly going to get...

Krypton Recreation Package(pair shocks,lines,a-arms)
W/ Works Performance Triple Rate Steeler Shocks-$989.00
+$160.00 for resevoirs

Lonestar Recreation Package(pair shocks,lines,a-arms)
W/Works Performance Triple Rate Steeler Shocks W/ Resevoirs-$1199.00


a Works Performance Rear Ultracross or Duracross-$469.95

but i dont know which a-arms to get, krypton or lonestar? ive heard lonestars break easy, but i havnt heard anything about kryptons yet....any info?

BTW, their site is
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