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Z rider in Virginia?

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is anyone located in VA, or know of any good mx tracks in VA? please let me know!
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There is a number of tracks in Virginia. We usually go to Sussex county speedway here is their web site
It is $ 25.00 to practice. Also Birch Creek it is near Danville. I think they practice there every week here is the phone # 804-724-4392. Virginia motorsports park just opened a track a couple of weeks ago
im here...

im in VA,.. Quantico,,... (northern VA) if anyone has good trails or even better a track, let me know,... i got like 4-6 other friends with sport quads that would love to ride somewhere new.
orange county??? VA

im going down there to a friends ranch,... he said he can always hear quads from his house,... and someone might have made a track out there.... ill be on a 400ex with yellow and black # plates...
I live in Manassas Va. Just got my Z about 2 weeks ago and Im looking for places to ride and people to ride with.

Eric G
I used to live in Edinburg near Woodstock and there is a trail that leads from Woodstock to Edinburg up in the hills behind the towns. It was very, very rocky!!!! I think it might be something like Wolf pen gap it is in the George Washington NAt. Forest.

yeah Virginia Motorsports Park just opened up not too long ago. The best thing is that it is less then 9 miles away from me. I've got 1600 acres here to ride on if anyone is interested ;) :eek:
Manganos, Where is Church Road, Va.? Maybe we can get together and ride sometime soon. Id like to check out VMP.

i was just at VMP MX this last weekend and it was awesome. this place has first rate facilities. i raced my z there and i did pretty good. i got 5th overall only because my seat fell off twice through the whoops. on the start i was only second to a guy with a yz 426 in a 250r frame. and i was not that far behind. i blew away the 400ex's and the 440ex's on the start it was no contest. i got 3rd in the first moto and 7th in the second for a 5th overall. i would recommend this track to everybody, its really fun to racee on!!
Sussex practice

There is a practice at Sussex on Saturday and Sunday.
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