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Z400 drag (LOL)

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This is the Z400 drag racing a couple of banshees, i was just foolin around.

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Didn't know the Z fast was that fast. lmao

it was hard to put the sand in the backgorund.
yes, but lots of accidents.
now dont u wish u can beat all of those shees for real
oh, definitly.
where did you get that pic of the banshees?
This is just a pic of the land from i had a good pic with other atvs like the one at the top...i would try harder....five minutes in PhotoSuite...
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That crop job is "iffy"!
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i i said 5 minutes in the program...i could have tried harder but i didnt want to...i wanted a better picture...
i got the banshee pic from it is an awesome sight.
ya hahahaha
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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