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Z400 Project Quad Stage 1 almost finished

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Stage 1 represents the Suspension, Handling, and minor performance gains.
Most of the enhancements are listed in my signature, but there are more to come. This quad should be completely assembled by the End of the Week.

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do you have something that covers the lights, or what did u do? and i live in virginia, where do u race or ride??
The Black Plastic Cover replaces the Headlights. I custom made it from a flat piece of plastic. I created a Head Light Template then I outlined it on the Plastic. I then cut the top and bottom angles out. Then I used a Torch on the under side to curve the Plastic and bend it down the Sides to Mount to the Factory Fender.

Needless to say the Cover was very time consuming to make(4 hours), but the finished product looks great and is very sturdy. I will be place a white number background on it when it is done.

I live in Maryland, and I race in District 6 &7 and GNCC.
Ur quad is sweet as hell. I wish i had that kind of money. How much better does it handle now?

Zracer, I imagine you are on the good guy prototype plan that I am on. Doesn't it feel good to get all of the goodies first. You up for making more of those covers? I could use a yellow one.
imagine how cool one of those covers would look if it was carbon fibre!
yes, your z is very sweet !! do u ever race district 13? your light cover is very trick, i like it alot, i'm either gonna make a light cover out of aluminum or i was thinkin of removing the lights and replaceing it with that chicken wire stuff that u can buy from autozone, that way u can get more air to the radiator and its a cool billet look too. what do u think?
The chicken wire idea would work. It would be fairly easy to work with and you could staple it to your plastic underneath. It would also improve airflow for cooling. The only reason I went solid is for my number plate.
from the front it looks like it is stalking you, very trick, keep us posted on the outcome.
do u want to make me one ill pay ya for one
Z400 Stage 1 is now Complete. The engine, carb, steering stem, handlebars, electrics will be next. It should be ready for its first Race in Van Etton, NY on August 25th. I will be posting a new subject with todays riding story.

If you want to see the Quad look under "Show off your Quad"
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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