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How much should a Z400 caliper slide? Mine seems to be quite stuck, and after doing a $110 rear brake job, I don't want to wreck my new parts.

The rear brakes were draging to the point I could barely turn the rear end by hand.

I tried to disassemble the slides to no avail. I rounded the "not-countersunk" countersunk slide bolt. Did that make any sense? No I didn't think so. :p The forward-most of the two slide bolts, the one that has to be taken out to service the other slide.

Anyway, after trying visegrips, I moved onto a hammer and chisel to try and get the slide bolt to turn. After giving up on the hammer and chisel, I noticed that the rear end now turns freely, with no drag. So I check the function of the brake. Yup, it stops quite well, and releases properly. I must have hammered it hard enough to convince the slides to move again.

So anyway, I will need to get that bolt out sooner or later. I would prefer sooner, so I don't wear out my new EBC pads and fancy pants brake rotor.

Advice? I was thinking of hitting it with some Kroil, and try again if a few days, once I have a new slide bolt in hand.

I'll heat if it comes down to it, but I really don't like heating critical parts.
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