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for everyone who wants to see highlight it and hit ctrl-c and then go to the address and hit crtl-v you have to take out the front and back img
Mods so far

Staintune Racing header and muffler, 6 inch over axle, kpracing bump bar, steering damper, raptor nerf bars. modded air box
To come- Pro Taper bars, +3 a-arms, elka shocks, rev box
how much for that mufler
Will that clear the ground if you stand the bike straight up on the grab bar? :?:
right on. sweet Z. how much modding did you have to do to get the raptor nerfs to fit?

All I had to do was flatten the tube that runs between the nerf bars so it would go under the oil line. They attach by drilling into the front of the footpeg. After I fitted them I then removed them and lowered the attachment on the footpeg 40mm by welding a piece of 5mm aluminium to the original mounting plate on the nerf bar and redrilling the holes to suit. No big deal and it gave me boot clearance under the gear lever.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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