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:D Really nice page! Its got some good stuff so far.
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how bout some, "bash non z400 riders" topic? j/k. keep up the good work. if you need any admin help just ask.
hey, as of now, i am a non Z rider. jkjk
Next year, i have to save money and want to wait for suzuki to get any bugs out of the Z.

it seems like everytime i wait, something new comes out to tempt me. just get it and fix the problems as you go along. i'd rather do that than torture myself for a year.
i agree with sam, im havin a hard enough time waitin a few weeks to get mine, i cant imagine a a year :evil:
good things come to those who wait.

BTW, anything honda comes out w/ wont be tempting because all they have are SOHC motors. Yamaha has the 426 deal coming up, but i dont think it will be too good. I hate Polaris (no flame) and dont want thier 500.Bombardier is great in water and snow, not dirt. Kawi and artic cat are the same as the Z, and the Z is the best looking. I want the Z. I dont think there will be much severe competition.

Im working on sticker and tshirt designs for now Im doing stuff...anyone have any ideas for something for me to make???
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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